The Prayer Garden

Unity Tower Restoration

The Prayer Garden

For more than 80 years, the Tower at Unity Village has served as a beacon, rising 165 feet over the campus. The years have taken a toll on the structure, which has been closed for nearly a decade.

We’re now restoring this historic structure and creating a Prayer Garden at the Tower’s entrance as a tribute to our cofounder Myrtle Fillmore’s ministry of healing—a ministry that continues today.


Add Your Own Tribute to the Prayer Garden

For a donation of $500, we’re offering a custom 12-inch paving stone that you can personalize with your own message as a permanent part of the Tower’s new life as home to the Holistic Healing Center. For more information about the Prayer Garden Paver, contact Lisa Wilson at, or 816-251-3505.

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A Holy Place for Healing

The theme of the Prayer Garden will be the Twelve Powers, divine qualities innate to all people. It will be designed to provide a meditative, reflective experience for visitors.

As Unity President and CEO Charlotte Shelton explains, “Entering this garden will remind our visitors that prayer is the foundation of healing and renewal in mind, body, and spirit. The beauty of the flowers in the garden, coupled with the grace of the Twelve Powers sculptures, will make it a very sacred place.”

Constructed as a circular garden with 12 triangular patio areas, each patio will feature two benches on either side of a healing stone with a beautiful Power sculpture at the apex of the triangle. The tranquil water feature will greet visitors entering from the west.