Upcoming Retreats and Events

Open Mic Night

Enjoy Open Mic Night with live music, 
From 5-9 p.m., at Unity Village Bookstore and Coffee Shop. 

Hosted by Unity Village Bookstore and Coffee Shop

Dec 3 2015 Learn More

Love Never Dies: A Message of Hope and Healing

This “Love Never Dies” presentation is based on the inspirational memoir, You Are My Voice: How Love’s Voice Never Dies. Lisa K. Cooper’s book is about the spiritual awakenings of life beyond the physical world that Lisa experienced after her mother’s death. Join us as Lisa discusses after-death communication, tips for receiving and remembering dream visits, and techniques for opening hearts to recognize the signs given to us from our loved ones. This workshop is perfect for adults who have experienced the deaths of family and friends as well as those interested in after-death communication.

Presenter: Lisa K. Cooper
Hosted by Awaken Whole Life Center

Dec 5 2015 Learn More

Creating a Vibrant Vision for 2016

Do you love the life you have created? Are you living your dreams? If not, are you willing to live a life of purpose, passion and joy? Join Coach Carla to create a Vibrant Vision for 2016. This playshop is a combination of experiential learning, personal coaching, writing and instruction on how to create a Vision Board. During this workshop, Coach Carla promises that you will have fun learning how to manifest a vision for the New Year that you love!

Presenter: Rev. Carla McClellan
Hosted by Awaken Whole Life Center

Jan 9 2016 Learn More

Connect With Inner Wisdom: A Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

Program is held every Thursday January 14 - March 3, 5:30-8 p.m., with a Silent Retreat Day on February 20. Connect with inner wisdom through this intensive 8-week course in cultivating mindfulness. Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is a research-based approach to improved mental health and wellness combining aspects of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) with the attitudes and practices of mindfulness. Learn about the habits of mind that contribute to distressing mood states (such as depression or anxiety) and develop a new way of relating to them. 

Presenter: Tracy Ochester, Psy.D.
Presented by Awaken Whole Life Center

Jan 14 2016 - Mar 3 2016 Learn More

Reclaiming the Goddess Within: Yoga Retreat

Rediscover the heart of feminine energy. Together we will cultivate an awareness of the calm and grounding energy needed to help balance unsteady hormones, replenish energy lost from sleepless nights, and explore the deeper currents of a heart-centered yoga practice through deep stretch and relaxing, restorative postures.

Presenter: Anita Bailey
Hosted by Awaken Whole Life Center

May 6 2016 - May 8 2016 Learn More


In the Calming the Chaos retreat, you will learn the step-by-step skills and thought processes that lead to increased productivity and peace of mind. Jackie's approach stems from a deep understanding and practical application of energetic consciousness.

Presenter: Jackie Woodside
Presented by Awaken Whole Life Center at Unity Village

May 13 2016 - May 15 2016 Learn More

Love, Sex and Money In Your Relationship

Presenter(s): Dr. Terri Orbuch
Presented by Awaken Whole Life Center at Unity Village

May 20 2016 - May 22 2016 Learn More

Seat of Awareness: Yoga Retreat

Three day yoga retreat offering participants the opportunity to explore multiple levels of awareness that are rooted deep within all of us. Through this practice of asana (physical postures), meditation and creative expression each practitioner will be able to sit in on the inner dialogue of the self; learning to differentiate what is consciousness and what is ego—both of which are important to the structure of the human condition.

Presenter: Grace Duckworth
Hosted by Awaken Whole Life Center

Jun 3 2016 - Jun 5 2016 Learn More

Simply Unity: Principles for Vibrant Living

Are you exhausted, frustrated and overwhelmed? Would it be okay with you if life was easier? Every day you play a game called life. If you have the right concepts, tools and skills you will find a life of satisfaction. Unity Principles are the very foundation of a vibrant life, find out how to map them out on a playing field that creates certainty in uncertain times.

Presenters: Rev. Carla McClellan and Music by Rev. Michael Gott
Hosted by Awaken Whole Life Center

Jun 9 2016 - Jun 12 2016 Learn More

Making The Connection: Awakening to the Miracles of the Greater Reality

Join Hay House author Suzanne Giesemann for a weekend of exploration. During this three-day event, Suzanne will share ancient spiritual wisdom blended with modern discoveries in science and consciousness. She backs up her teachings with verifiable evidence received during hundreds of one-on-one sessions with clients and personal experience with higher levels of consciousness.

Presenter(s):Suzanne Giesemann
Presented by Awaken Whole Life Center at Unity Village

Jun 24 2016 - Jun 26 2016 Learn More