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Edgar Cayce on How to Rejuvenate and Illuminate Your Body, Mind, and Spirit - Whatever Your Age or Condition

John Van Auken, a director at the Edgar Cayce Foundation, brings the physical, mental, and spiritual concepts and practices given by Edgar Cayce to this experiential one-day program. Study with one of the best teachers and practitioners of Cayce’s concepts as John brings you techniques for breakthroughs to deeper meditation and awakened intuition, soul growth and God-Consciousness, and vibrant health and vitality.

Learn how your body works best; how our thoughts and emotions affect our health and well-being; how the life force flows through us and how to improve its flow; finding the ideal purpose in life, which in turn fires up your life force.

Presenter: Edgar Cayce on How to Rejuvenate and Illuminate Your Body, Mind, and Spirit - Whatever Your Age or Condition
Presented by: Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment

Mar 12 2016 Learn More


Join Dr. Edward Tick for this afternoon workshop designed specifically for healthcare professionals, social workers, volunteers, and concerned citizens and family members who are passionate about healing our veterans with PTSD.

For as long as societies have had warriors, they have experienced the wounding to mind, body, heart, soul and communities that today we call Post- traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD is a new name for an ancient condition, made overwhelmingly more pervasive and destructive by the conditions of modern technological warfare.

Together we will understand how modern war wounds individuals, families, nations and the entire planet. We will explore war’s moral and spiritual dimensions. Individuals and systems become locked in violent patterns and what we do to transform and heal them for individuals and entire nations is paramount. “Spirituality in community” has been a formula used throughout time to tend the pain of warriors and their social systems. We will delve into the essential conditions necessary for the spiritual healing of troops, veterans their loved ones and their homelands, and how best to serve their and all of our spiritual distress both in the combat zone and upon return.

Presenter: Dr. Edward Tick
Presented by Awaken Whole Life Center

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Join 5 Spiritual Thought Leaders in a First-Time Ever Think Tank Retreat

Spend a weekend with an amazing group of people who share your quest for spiritual enrichment, who eagerly embrace the opportunity to talk about science and spirituality, who question beliefs and dogma without shame or judgment, and who have the audacity to explode current beliefs in order to continue growing and living as the Divine Beings they are.

And imagine doing it in the heart of Unity Village, the sacred headquarters of Unity World Headquarters! If you only do one thing for yourself this year, make it this retreat! It will be a one-of-a kind experience you will cherish forever.

Presenter(s): Rev. Ron Fritts, Rev. Paul Hasselbeck, Rev. Bil Holton, Rev. Cher Holton, and Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett
Presented by: Rev. Ron Fritts, Rev. Paul Hasselbeck, Rev. Bil Holton, Rev. Cher Holton, and Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett

Mar 31 2016 - Apr 3 2016 Learn More

National Association for Poetry Therapy Annual Conference

Converging in the Heartland: Poetic Expression for Healing Mind, Body and Soul
We invite educators, clinicians, poets and other professionals who want to learn more about how to use poetry, journaling and other forms of the spoken and written word for healing and personal growth to attend the NAPT annual conference. A wide array of didactic, experiential, and training workshops in the field of poetry therapy, journal therapy and other forms of expressive writing will be offered. For information on how you can register and a detailed conference program, you may go to the Conference Page of the NAPT website at www.poetrytherapy.org.

Hosted by NAPT

Apr 14 2016 - Apr 17 2016 Learn More

Silent Unity Retreat

If you've ever prayed with Silent Unity, you know the life-giving power of affirmative prayer. Prayer changes lives!

People ask us all the time, "How do you offer such lovely prayers?" Join us here at Silent Unity and experience the power of affirmative prayer firsthand. As you strengthen your own prayer practice, you will deepen your faith and connection to Spirit.

Presenters: Rev. Patricia Bass and Rev. Michael Gott.
Presented by Silent Unity at Unity Village

Apr 28 2016 - May 1 2016 Learn More

Reclaiming the Goddess Within: Yoga Retreat

Rediscover the heart of feminine energy. Together we will cultivate an awareness of the calm and grounding energy needed to help balance unsteady hormones, replenish energy lost from sleepless nights, and explore the deeper currents of a heart-centered yoga practice through deep stretch and relaxing, restorative postures.

Presenter: Anita Bailey
Hosted by Awaken Whole Life Center

May 6 2016 - May 8 2016 Learn More


In the Calming the Chaos retreat, you will learn the step-by-step skills and thought processes that lead to increased productivity and peace of mind. Jackie's approach stems from a deep understanding and practical application of energetic consciousness.

Presenter: Jackie Woodside
Presented by Awaken Whole Life Center at Unity Village

May 13 2016 - May 15 2016 Learn More

Love, Sex and Money In Your Relationship

Presenter(s): Dr. Terri Orbuch
Presented by Awaken Whole Life Center at Unity Village

May 20 2016 - May 22 2016 Learn More

Seat of Awareness: Yoga Retreat

Three day yoga retreat offering participants the opportunity to explore multiple levels of awareness that are rooted deep within all of us. Through this practice of asana (physical postures), meditation and creative expression each practitioner will be able to sit in on the inner dialogue of the self; learning to differentiate what is consciousness and what is ego—both of which are important to the structure of the human condition.

Presenter: Grace Duckworth
Hosted by Awaken Whole Life Center

Jun 3 2016 - Jun 5 2016 Learn More

Simply Unity: Principles for Vibrant Living

Are you exhausted, frustrated and overwhelmed? Would it be okay with you if life was easier? Every day you play a game called life. If you have the right concepts, tools and skills you will find a life of satisfaction. Unity Principles are the very foundation of a vibrant life, find out how to map them out on a playing field that creates certainty in uncertain times.

Presenters: Rev. Carla McClellan and Music by Rev. Michael Gott
Hosted by Awaken Whole Life Center

Jun 9 2016 - Jun 12 2016 Learn More