Upcoming Retreats and Events

Living the Eternal Way: Meditation and Yoga Retreat

Learn to meditate and live by spiritual principles found in the universal, time-tested path of Kriya Yoga—a philosophy and practice for spiritually conscious, fulfilled living in today’s world.

Presenter: Ellen O’Brian

Jul 31 2014 - Aug 3 2014 Learn More

One Night Event: Peaceful Heart; Warrior Spirit

Peaceful Heart; Warrior Spirit with Dan Millman: Living With Compassion and Courage

Presenter: Dan Millman

Sep 5 2014 Learn More

Living the Laws of Spirit: Heart of the Peaceful Warrior's Way

Our lives operate according to universal laws as real as the law of gravity. This experiential workshop first reveals how spiritual law differs from theories, principles, or conventional wisdom. Dan then presents key laws of life that impact our relationships, work, health, and finances. Blending wit and wisdom, Dan shows how you can harness the power of universal laws of Balance, Choice, Presence, Action, and Surrender to create a new quality of living.

Presenter: Dan Millman

Sep 5 2014 - Sep 7 2014 Learn More

Fall Juicing Detox

Join us in a three-day, two-night juicing detox retreat. Awaken Whole Life Center has developed an entire weekend dedicated to you and your well-being. We will provide numerous workshops and activities for you to enjoy during your detox.

Presenter: TBA

Sep 5 2014 - Sep 7 2014 Learn More

The Prayer Experience

Experience the Divine through different forms of prayer and meditation with Rev. Paulette Pipe of Touching the Stillness Ministries as your navigator.

This weeklong retreat, in which you’ll also be an integral part of Unity’s annual World Day of Prayer activities, will likely inspire in you: audacious, bold, and courageous prayer-powered living!

Presenter: Rev. Paulette Pipe

Sep 7 2014 - Sep 12 2014 Learn More

The Heart of Europe Tour

Presenter(s): Unity Institute® and Seminary

Sep 17 2014 - Sep 26 2014 Learn More

Surrender Adventure

Join inspirational speaker and transformational coach, Chaz Wesley, on a Surrender Adventure of self-discovery, spiritual growth, and purposeful intention. This 4-day retreat is designed to support your personal journey of investigating and releasing the outdated thoughts and patterns of inefficiency within your life and awaken to the continued unfolding and expansion of your unique expression of the Divine, getting to the core of your business on this planet.

Presenter: Chaz Wesley

Sep 25 2014 - Sep 28 2014 Learn More

Healing Naturally: Edu-Therapy Certification Training

Grief Edu-Therapy™ Certification is a unique training tool designed specifically to assist all who wish to help those with broken hearts retake a productive place in the mainstream of their lives. Upon completion of the training, participants will have everything necessary to begin working with grievers individually, or in group formats.

Presenter(s): Edu-Therapy™

Sep 26 2014 - Sep 29 2014 Learn More

Loving What Is


The Work of Byron Katie is a way of identifying and questioning the thoughts that cause all the anger, fear, depression, addiction, and violence in the world. Experience the happiness of undoing those thoughts through The Work, and allow your mind to return to its true, awakened, peaceful, creative nature.

Presenter: Martha Creek

Oct 3 2014 - Oct 5 2014 Learn More

12 Steps Further

Gather with others who are committed to recovery as a path of transformation. Members of all 12-Step fellowships are welcome at this 12Steps Further™ retreat to bring their experience, strength and hope to explore and share our spiritual practices.

Presenters: Karen Epps and Skip Sams

Oct 10 2014 - Oct 13 2014 Learn More