The Prayer Garden at Unity Tower

prayer garden created at base of unity towerIn 2013 the Unity Tower was completely restored and a prayer garden was created surrounding the base as a tribute to cofounder Myrtle Fillmore’s ministry of healing. The layout of the Prayer Garden is based upon the Twelve Powers, divine qualities innate to all people. Constructed as a circular garden with 12 triangular patio areas, each section features two benches on either side of a Twelve Powers sculpture. A tranquil water feature greets visitors entering from the west.

Twelve Powers Sculptures

Unity commissioned and collaborated with Kansas City artist Barry Eisenhart to create 12 sculptures based on Unity’s teaching of the Twelve Powers. Each piece is unique and individual but works together as a collective. The forms are abstract and simple, so people can project their own spiritual interpretations onto the art.

What Are the Twelve Powers?

Unity cofounder Charles Fillmore presented the concept of 12 universal powers (abilities) in his 1930 book, The Twelve Powers of Man. These 12 abilities represent divine potential present, though not always well-utilized, in all people. We can use these spiritual abilities in both positive and negative ways. Through prayer, meditation, and other spiritual practices, we can learn to fully express our divine potential to use these powers for good.